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Motörheads Catering Liste von der Harald Schmidt Show
Datum: Dienstag 27 Mai 2003 22:04:19
Thema: Fun Stuff

Das müsst ihr sehen. *lol*

Motörhead Dressing Room:

1 x bottle Jack Daniels

1 x bottle Jim Beam

1 x bottle vodka

½ x case Carlsberg Special Brew

3 x cases Miller, Amstel Light or San Miguel Beer

1 x case strong, dry apple cider (this is an English alcoholic apple drink of beer strength and it is available in Europe).

1 x case still bottled water

1 x bottle Perrier water

1 x case Coca Cola

½ x case Pepsi Cola

6 x bottles Lemon-Lime Gatorade

4 x litres fresh organge juice

4 x litres fresh milk

5 x packets Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

3 x bags assorted chips

1 x deli tray containing: assorted cheeses, meats, pickles etc.

assorted breads (including brown) and crackers

butter, salt, pepper and mustard

a bowl of assorted fruit and nuts

2 x packs Marlboro cigarettes (red pack)

2 x packs Benson & Hedges cigarettes

a constantly refreshed supply of ice cubes

A case is 24 bottles or cans

Load out: pizza or sandwiches for 12, 1 x case Amstel beer and 1 x case assorted sodas

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