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Datum: Donnerstag 20 September 2001 13:18:56
Thema: PHM Newz


Diese E-Mail erreichte uns von Sabina Classen(Holy Moses), wo sie sich zum Anschlag auf das WTC äußert. Wir entsorechen hiermit ihrer Bitte und veröffentlichen diesen Brief.

Lest diesen Brief bitte aufmerksam.
Hey, here is Sabina Classen from HOLY MOSES, Germany. The events of the last
two days have shattered my sense of security and even reality. I cried today for the first time since a long time. I am beginning to comprehend the magnitude of the world situation now. This goes beyond music, beyond hatred. beyond anger, into the realm of the unknown. I read my lyrics to Requiem for Misanthropy, I realize to my horror that the "Insane Obsure Humanity" (terrorism in the usa) is real. The whole song, it ***** happened I can't believe it. "Brave captian at the helm blasts away in the realm" (the impending retaliation) Down from the sky (the airliner). My fuckin` song to my horror has come true!! What ever happens in the next several days and weeks, something beyond life and death. I can`t write more - until now I can`t find the right words for what I like to say. All I can say is my thoughts are with the families and friends of anyone caught in this senseless act of murder - worldwide. I hope the world politicians will not do the wrong thing. Be carefull, please - take care of each other and pray for the thousands who are still buried under tons of rubble in Manhattan and Washington and worldwide in Terror acts. I am still in a shock - No words can describe the feelings in my heart.

In the name of HOLY MOSES Sabina Classen www.holymoses.de

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