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Interview: Thornspawn and Mr. Graves storming GERMANY!!!

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Veröffentlicht am Dienstag 21 Mai 2002 16:39:15 von maximillian_graves
phpnuke.gif The Time has come for THORNSPAWN to spread their evil message/music across Germany! Enjoy this great Interview with mighty Blackthorn and read the fucking latest NEWS about the next hellstrike from THORNSPAWN called "Wrath of War" through Osmose Prod (France) on June 10th

I will start by asking for a short history of Thornspawn. I've gathered all the information from your past interviews. This will give me the opportunity to talk about some things people have not asked you before!
Hails Metal Demon!!!!! I will not bore the Germanic klans with the typical boring shit! I will say that our Diabolical Cause has continued since the year of 95!!!
Much Devilish Propaganda to unleash!!!

Can you give all the people here in Germany a brief history about your music in general, and of course the metal scene in Texas in general? When did the rise of Black Metal in Texas occur? Tell us about the bands that led the Black Metal scene and made it what it is today!
Thornspawn unleashed to the local masses our 96 demo "The Dacian Empire". Soon after, stormed the fuckin warfront, with our 97 attack "Consecration of Evil Flesh". Our first apokalyptic victory was in 99 with the release of our first 7" "Infernal Legions" on Mother Fuckin Mary Menstrual Red Vinyl. We decided to sign with new label Baphomet Rec. and releasing "Blood of the Holy, Taint thy Steel...", Cd (2000) and "Empress from the Realms of Blasphemy" Mcd (2001). Some months later Death to Mankind Rec. (Spain) introduced to the vinyl fiends the LP version, KULT!!!! In the mid-80's, my land was of many hellish hordes that up held the Infernal Banner of Metal!!!! These hordes I am honored to say are from the lands of fire and heat (Texxxas): Necrovore, Imprecation, Morbid Scream, S.A. Slayer, Helstar, Dark Reign, Watch Tower, Valkry, Anti-Christ!!!! Then the wave of "Brutal" Death Metal consumed the land, and many fell to this "trend". Forgetting the occult symbolism that "Black/Death Satanic War Metal"
was meant to be!! Many posers infiltrated our underworld. Still hordes such as Absu, Magus, Blood Spill, Indignation, and others continued the Morbid fascination of the ancient hells metal kult!!!! AAARRRGGGH!!!!!!!!666!~!!!!!!!!!!

Would you tell us something about your career as a musicians? Who are your personal idols and influences?
To me this is not a career devil, but an oath to the warriors of Metal Worship, a brother hood if you will. The following are my inspiration to the Death Hammers: Chris Reifert (Autopsy), Dave Lombardo (Slayer), Abaddon (Venom), Fenriz (Dark Throne), Proscriptor (Absu), Frost (Satyricon), Zhema (Vulcano), Incubus (Inquisition), Tony (Ex-Angel Corpse), Howitzer (Ex-Destroyer 666)

Because of the fact that we are a German fanzine, we are really interested to know if you were influenced by any German bands. If yes, tell us which bands. What do you think of the current German metal scene?
Of course some of the greatest bands that ever existed came from Germany: Sodom, Kreator, Destruction, Poison, Living Death...So there is an influence and respect for these demonic hordes!!! Hails to the Ancient Thrash/Black/Death Kult!! The German battalions that I respect, continue the battle for the sake of Satanic Vengeance: Katharsis, Desaster, IAD, and Dungeon. I seek to discover more great hordes from Germany, it is a matter of time.

Your style of Black Metal is really interesting to me! Kerry King like solos, dark and brutal thrash/black metal guitar sound, mixed with true Nordic warcry like vocals! It sounds really great. That's how I would describe Thornspawn music. How would YOU describe your music?

Now...about your lyrics!
I have always looked at Black Metal like a lost chapter of the Holy Bible which was suppressed by the "good", but is still alive in some dark corner of humanity! And Black Metal is the pure manifestation of this lost chapter which shows the world again that there is more black than white!
Is Black Metal some kind of religion to you? Are your lyrics a message to spread your religion?
By no means have I ever proclaimed to follow any specific rule, religion or sect. To me that is simply for the weak, and I have no time in my life for it. Black Metal to me is a great scolding blade of fire...that thrusts with apocalyptic revenge!
Its strength to awaken the minds and hearts of the true heathen self is a great accomplishment for me!!

Do you think the negative, evil and destructive energy behind your lyrics, and Black Metal in general, could be seen as positive if viewed from the right point of view? Do you see them as a way of destroying old beliefs and behaviors to build something new after the Armageddon?
It would only be considered "negative" from the opposite end, that is true. But with the knowledge and strength to tear your mind from the clutches of the holy trinity, can surely awaken other doors of perception. The perception of the self, the will to live, the will to destroy, and most importantly the will to think without religious fear. After Armageddon, will we exist? Doubtful.................

I have read much about the infernal hordes gathering. And because of the fact that I feel German metal needs a kick ass horde like this, please give us a short description of it.
You must refer to "Sacrifice of the Nazarene Child-Black Metal Fest" that I organize every Dec. in my city. It is a great experience to gather for a hellish occasion where you can witness the elite of the U.S. Helltank Black War Metal Movement!!! Last year we had the honor to have Metal Heathens from other countries join us for the kult gathering (France, Sweden, Australia, Mexico, Brazil, Canada) and accomplished 1 night of Metal and Necroholic Fukkin Mayhem!! The armies that gathered in 2001: Black Witchery, Absu, Thornspawn, Noctuary, Infernal Oak , Gnostic, Kult ov Azazel, Krieg, Inquisition, Ourboros!!!!!!AAARRGGGH!!!!!!666!!!TOTAL SATANIC HEATHEN HELL METAL!!!!!!!
Which I should let others know that I have just unleashed a 2 Video release of last years gathering under my label POSER HOLOCAUST PROD. And also includes a killer booklet with collage/mini poster and they are both pro-edited with 2 camera angles! Those that have net access can go to the hellsite at: and get any further info they might need. This year is already in the planning.........Join us in Hell!!!!!!!!

I heard a lot about the magazine you are working on. What role does it play in your life? Does it have anything to do with your band? What bands will this mag feature? And what style of metal is the main focus of the mag?
Bestial Assault Zine has been unleashed to the masses on Dec. 1st, 2001 at the SOTNC Black Fest. So far it has been successful in spreading the black pest. It has nothing what so ever to do with Thornspawn or its tyrants...issue #1 features such hell beasts from around the putrid planet: Vomitor (Australia), Levifer (Peru), Inquisition (U.S.A.), Necrovore (U.S.A.), Profanatica (U.S.A.), Black Witchery (U.S.A.), Impiety (Singapore) and a Wacken Warfront Report!!!! The main focus and objective of these unholy scrolls are to assist the heathens that forge hellish underground war hymns and anti-xtian hellstrikes, be it black,death, thrash, etc., etc. This disgusting zine is my Black Oath to the Battalions that forge Diabolical Hells Metal for the Underworld!! And is a great part of my life. I prepare the next Bestial Assault as I scribe these words............

How did the children of Black Metal Festival come to life? How difficult is it to organize an underground festival in these times? Please give us a short history of this festival. Which bands will play there this year?
Not children my friend....Necroholic Kommandos armed to the fuckin teeth, with fists in the air for the Infernal Cause of this "Kult" gathering!!! It is some times very difficult to assemble the "elite" of the U.S. hordes, but the final reward is the very night of the fest. When you witness other komrades from other cities and countries uniting for such a devilishmetal night!!!!!!
I began the SOTNC Black Fest in 98 (with local texas hordes) with the turn out of about 75 Die Hards. 1999 followed the gathering of : Blood Storm, Judas Iscariot (Proscriptor of Absu on Drums), The Chasm, Thornspawn, Khisanth, and 180 other hell maniacs there to support the Fest! 2000 witnessed the attack of :Sadistic Intent, Black Witchery, Blood Storm, The Chasm, Krieg, Kathonik, Ibex Throne, Thornspawn!! 2001, apocalyptic storms with: Absu, Inquisition, Infernal Oak, Thornspawn, Kult ov Azazel, Black Witchery, Ourboros (Canada), Krieg, Noctuary, and Gnostic!!! 2002 has begun to be assembled, so far confirmed: Morbosidad, Manticore, Thornspawn, Demonhammer, Ourboros, Anwyl, Inquisition, Demoncy, and other armies to come. Visit the following site for more info involving the Sacrifice of the Nazarene Child Fest

How is your status outside of Texas? Is Thornspawn known in other parts of the United States? Are you known in other countries?
We have many Heathens armed to the teeth to support our Malicious movement!! What we have noticed is that we do have great support through out the vast wasteland we know as the U.S.A. In other countries we have gained the respect and support from Greece, Italy, Thailand, Germany, France, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ukraine, Japan, Singapore, Poland, and all through out Europe.

What is your opinion of the old Black Metal scene in Norway? In your opinion....who were the true evil beings there, and who were the posers? What is/was your opinion on everything that happened there? Norway has lost interest in the way of the old days. Do you think Norway still has an influence on today's Black Metal scene? Or, do you think there are other countries that have a more interesting Black Metal scene?
At one point in time this great movement symbolized the great occult ideology, surrounding the power known as "Black Metal". I believe that soon many komrades became enemies and jealousy over came all friendships.
The destruction and burning of their temples was a great sight! But now, those that created this are sitting in prison rotting away. So now I wonder, was this all worth it? What has it accomplished? Nothing really I think, just gave our movement to much exposure and publicity. That is when that infernal movement was infiltrated and violated!! I would rather for the music to be the ultimate weapon, that strikes fear into their hearts. I know of only these armies from Norway that still uphold the infernal banner for the days of grim occult metal: Tsjuder and Dark Throne, I personally have a broad spectrum to all the scenes. So, I support all hordes that truly believe in a Declaration of War against all religions!!!

I read a really cool and funny question about your outfit. Some Death Metal posers in your local scene were laughing about that! Is your outfit uncommon in your area, or in USA in general? That's very interesting because there were times here in Europe that the whole scene was wearing spikes, leather and corps paint and it totally lost its spirit and status! (I am glad that this has changed and once again it's an honor to wear spikes, leather and gladiator boots and stuff!)
There is some truth to this, the lack of support in our city was very present. The fux had no idea of the real days of Metal and Spikes. They thought that "death metal" involved baggy pants, baseball caps, and faggot shorts!! They had no understanding of our message, of our cause, they are/were weak and mindless! Now we dominate this city and they run and beg to do shows with us....hahah!! I spit on them......

What is your opinion about all the Internet stuff? Do you think the internet gives small bands a new way to show themselfs to a bigger audience? And of cause is it a good way to get in touch with people, so they can buy underground cds and shirts which are hard to get without the internet?
Yes there are many good things about the net, and also bad. One can definitely expose their bands and get some type of fan base/support. It is also a great resource to keep in contact with many other komrades. The only unfortunate thing about the net is of course many having the accessibility to kults that they have no right or business attempting to find!! That is when the "average/typical" poser surfs the net...and ruins our underground.
Tell us about the future plans for Thornspawn? What is Blackthorn going to do in the future? Do you still have ideas and energy about what you can do in the future? Do you have any ideas, such as the gathering of the infernal horde, to push the Black Metal music to new highs in your part of America?
Immediate plans in the next month or so is to finally unleash our next hellstrike Cd/Lp of "Wrath of War" through Osmose Prod (France) on June 10th. Shortly after begin our attacks on different parts of the U.S. Such as Ny., California, Florida, and of course leave Europe in Flames!!!!!!! We are waiting from the pressing plant the live split LP that we have done with Unholy Archangel (Greece) through Hellflame Prod. (Italy). We shall also by the end of summer have a new shirt design created by the legendary Chris "Thorncross" Moyen!!! This will be a limited and kult shirt.......BEWARE!!!! As for the future, we shall crush all the weak, trample on their cross, rape their gods, impale their perverted priests!!!

THX mighty brothers from Thornspawn! For me it would be an honor to fight beside you and your dark legions. Now it's up to you to spread your evil message/music across Germany!
Hails to you Max for the support/comment of our Bestial Regiment!!! We shall storm Germania, those wanting us to go to Europe contact Osmose Prod...........!!! Those that wish to contact me may do so:

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