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CD Review: Thornspawn - Wrath Of War

Veröffentlicht am Sonntag 25 August 2002 17:23:49 von maximillian_graves
After the great Interview with Blackthorn you can read a review of the new Thornspawn release “Wrath of War”.

1. Intro. Prelude To War
2. Vengeance of the Hellpreacher
3. Bestial DarkLords of War
4. Wath of War
5. Reapers of the Battlefield
6. The False Messiah has been shackled in Silence, Forever...
7. Conspirators of the Graven Image
8. Apokalyptic Hellstrike: Chapter 666
I. Licking the Virgin Mary's Cunt
II. Consecration of Evil Flesh
III. Diabolical Poser Holocaust
9. Outro. Aftermath of War

Released 2002 on Osmose

- Vocals
- Bass
- Guitar
- Drums
- Guitar

After getting up the new website from the Masters of USBM THORNSPAWN I received a Promo of their new album called "Wrath of War". "Blood Of The Holy, Taint thy Steel" was a great record and I was very curious about the new one after line up changes and the new label OSMOSE.
The Album features 7 Tracks (plus In- Outro) and a very cool Cover that was drawn by CRIS VERWIMP...who also did ABSU, MOONBLOOD, ENTHRONED Artwork! The INTRO/OUTRO is a reflection for the aftermath of nuclear holocaust of this putrid planet....and was created by SIR PROSCRIPTOR MCGOVERN of the mighty ABSU (TEXAS). Everybody can see US Blackmetal hordes gather for attack and believe me "Wrath of war" is the beginning of the rape and the ruin of Europe. All discussion about the style of THORNSPAWN are over! The Album is from beginning to the end true evil Black Metal. Blackthorn told me that he wouldn’t change a thing if he could do the recording session with the actual line up again and he is fucking right. THORNSPAWN released a high quality album that still got that raw underground sound which makes me remember the great OLD Blackmetal days.
All 7 songs are full of blast attacks, high speed riffs and blasphemous lyrical obsession. The sound of the vocals is more hateful than ever and Thornspawn still got this cool 80’s thrash flavor that you feel in their music and makes the band different from all those million BM bands out there! Its a great mixture from 90’s Black Metal and all those great thrash metal legends of the 80's. "Wrath of War" is one of my all time favorites and I REALLY hope to see them live in Germany one day (and get fucking drunk with em hehe :).
Last but not least I want to tell you fucking maniacs out there that Track 8 on "Wrath of War" consists of 3 parts and each part reflects one of 3 song that were created by the band in their demo years! All DIE HARD Fans can write to the Band and will receive a MINI POSTER/LYRIC SHEET! A small gift for all the true DIE HARD Fans of THORNSPAWN! “Wrath of War” is a record that has to be in every good underground Black Metal collection and it is also a very good representation of USBM and will teach all those ignorant fools that Heavy Metal and specially USBM has reached a high musical level in America. Never cared about underground releases from the States? Give THORNSPAWN a try and you will change your fucking mind! WAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRR!

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