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CD Review: Ravage - To kill and destroy

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Veröffentlicht am Mittwoch 29 Januar 2003 15:23:27 von maximillian_graves
Ravage are 4 young guys from Germany, who dedicated their lives to the good old Thrash Metal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This record is a real massacer and gives your ears a real blast!. The CD contains 4 apocalyptic songs of pure thrash metal! The lyrics are about blood, splattering, chainsaws, hate and everything you need to keep the old fucking metal spirit alive! OK, this guys fit into every cliche you have ever heard about thrash metal bands, but this is what makes this record and the band really attractive. Powerfull drumming, guitar riffs like chainsaws, true thrash metal vocals mixed with some black/death metal influences. We can only tell you to check this record out! If you love the old german metal days with Destruction, Kreator or Sodom you will love Ravage! They reinvented the steel and mixed it with something new! Believe us songs like "Die by the Chainsaw" and "Bloody Revenge" are allready all time favorites of Planet Heavy Metal!

Ok get the Demo and we are really hot on the things the guys will release in the future!

The Demo is only available through the band and you can contact `them here:

Daniel Pietzsch
Bendenkamp 24a
40880 Ratingen

Or just have a look at the bands Website from Ravage!!!!!!

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