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PHM Newz: Rage sind fertig...

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Veröffentlicht am Montag 29 Oktober 2007 14:53:53 von madrebel
phpnuke.gifDas internationale Trio RAGE hat ihre neue Langrille "Carved In Stone" nun komplett im Kasten. Flitzefinger Victor Smolski äußerte sich dazu folgendermaßen:

"The studio job for the new RAGE album 'Carved in Stone' is completed now, and finally I can listen to all tracks of the new CD by my HiFi rack with a quiet conscience, and I can say it has exactly become what we figured out before: STRAIGHT ON THE KISSER! [maybe you have to stop after 2-3 songs, getting a cold beer for a rest period...].

"From the beginning we decided to compose the songs for this CD more straight, concentrating on cool riffs and catchy melodies. Actually, with our new lineup it was easy to realize everything, as we pulled together with André [Hilgers; drums; AXXIS, SILENT FORCE] perfectly! All the recordings with our co-producer, sound engineer and almost fourth bandmember Charly Czajkowski runs perfectly, as well as the final mix with Charlie Bauerfeind. From my point of view I promise you brutal guitar riffs with fancy soli. In one song, I've hidden a modification of a real famous melody — the one who will first recognize this melody will get a present! At 'Open My Grave', my sitar guitar came into operation, at 'Lord of the Flies', I've contributed a phat keyboard arrangement."

Mit dem Album rechnen kann man dann erst Anfang des Jahres 2008, vertrieben durch Nuclear Blast.

[Quelle: Blabbermouth]

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