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PHM Newz: Peter Wichers verlässt SOILWORK

Veröffentlicht am Montag 19 Dezember 2005 11:35:26 von madrebel
phpnuke.gif Gitarrist Peter Wichers hat SOILWORK nach 10 Jahren Zugehörigkeit verlassen. Zudem wurde der bisherige Session-Drummer Dirk Verbeuren (SCARVE) als permanentes Bandmitglied aufgenommen.
Hier sein persönliches Statement:
"I have decided to part ways with SOILWORK. This has been one of my hardest decisions to make, and SOILWORK has not only been my band but my second family and very good friends for almost 10 years. I m just worn out from all the touring and I have reached a point in my life where touring is just not possible for me anymore. I need a break from the touring so that I can actually begin to build a more solid ground to stand on for the future. I have on this journey met so many amazing people, made so many new friends, played in front of thousands of people, and I got to travel to places I have always dreamt of visiting. SOILWORK has reached a level I never thought was possible, and I am so proud to have been a part of this amazing band experience and working alongside with such amazing people like I have. I know that in order for SOILWORK to reach a new level there has to be even more touring done, and I feel as if its only fair that someone else therefore fills my spot now instead of later. I have decided to continue with my second passion in life, which is music production & recording, and in order to achieve this goal I need to put all my time and energy into this. SOILWORK and me will remain great friends and I wish them all the success in the future. I also wish to extend a gigantic ´THANK YOU´ to all the fans, the label, friends & bands and magazines for the great support and encouragement. I can also say that this is not the end for me in music, but the beginning of something new!"

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