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Konzert Review: Metal Dwells Within Fest Part II

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Veröffentlicht am Freitag 24 Januar 2003 00:00:00 von madrebel
phpnuke.gifKonzertreview von Pandemia, Serial Butcher und anderen aus den Niederlanden.
Vorsicht, ist aber leider nur auf Englisch zu lesen. Trotzdem viel Spass.

*18/01: Metal Dwells Within fest part II, 't Ei van Columbus - Deventer (NL): Insanity Reigns Supreme, Pandemia, Natron, Serial Butcher, Martyr. This review is written by Emillio from Musketeer of De@th (NL) At the clock of 20:15 Dutch black metallers Martyr (NL) ( baptised the small place "‘t ei van Columbus", into the Metal Dwells Within arena. Their uncompromising black metal turned out to be a fantastic warming up for the night. They played it fast, furious and very tight with loads of melody and diversity. This all got the public in a sort of trance. You could see both the public as the band enjoying the gig. No attitude, but just playing from the heart with lots of passion. They really got the power as well as the beauty of a sparkling waterfall, a great new live talent in the black metal scene. Next on was the grinding death metal attack called Serial Butcher (B) ( Within a minutes they destroyed the whole place with their extremely brutal death metal. This machine was bulging on high power. Luckily there appeared some windmills in front of the stage to cool down this overheated engine. Their own genius stuff was mixed with a brutal Slayer cover and Cannibal Corpse: Hammer Smashed Face. And who needs a bassplayer to make this song complete if you have an incredible insane vocalist acting like a bassguitar!!! A fantastic gig by a band that make Cannibal Corpse sound as pussies!!!! So the Italians of Natron (I) ( had the hard job to go on stage after this live bombardment. And if it wasn’t already hard enough for them, they also had a very bad sound. Too less guitars, too much drums, so brutality and power faded out of their sound. Also some technical problems were troubling them. Still they tried to complete the gig in a their own "weird phonic horror" death style. When you tried to filter the bad sound out of your ears you could see some very talented guys playing on stage, giving the best they’ve had. With some major parts for the great bass player and the crazy growler. I’ve seen them better in the past, so if you saw them for the first time give them a second chance. Because they really kick ass with a great sound. Next on were the Czech of Pandemia (CZ) (, in other words partytime! Everytime they hit the stage they are getting a little better. And also tonight the progression went on. Energetic guitars/bass, tight rolling drums, gorgling grunts all mixed in a superior stage act. The midtempo parts sounded brutal and hard, the fast parts had less power. Probably because of the same bad sound that also "killed" Natron’s gig. Still this all couldn’t resist the public to change into a headbanging horde. Pandemia was treated as Godz, and that was well-deserved. After all this hard and brutal stuff it was time for the ultimate doom cult heroes of Insanity Reigns Supreme (B) ( to give the evening an ending in style. Without any doubt they succeeded. Their massive doom took over the place and everyone was enjoying it in their own way. From very slow sexy dancing girls to intense headbanging guys. You could feel the great doomy sounds into your veins. Old time classics were mixed with some new songs in the traditional IRS-style. By the attraction of the music you would almost forget to watch the stage to see the band perform, with a very well-known face (Burt Beyens!!!!!!) on bass guitar. By intense hypnotising playing they provided us with emotional power made out of pure slowness. All of this lasted for an hour and a half. Too short if you ask me, but it was an ending in pure beauty! Up to Metal Dwells Within….part 3!!!!

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