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Interview: Interview Galadriel 2004 (englisch)

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Veröffentlicht am Samstag 03 Juli 2004 22:26:40 von maximillian_graves
phpnuke.gifInterview with Dodo from Galadriel 2004 (englisch)
Can you give all the people here in Germany a brief history about your music in general, and of course the metal scene in Slovakia in general? When did the rise of Metal in Slovakia occur? Tell us about the bands that led the scene and made it what it is today!
-          Uff, we’re starting with a very long question, haha. Our band GALADRIEL started in the summer of 1995 as a doom metal band at old Amorphis wave. Our style developed to some mix of metal styles (doom, black, death, heavy) and at the new CD we used some electronic loops too. We recorded five albums (1997 - Empire Of Emptiness- 1999 - The Mirror Of Ages- 2000 - Oblivion- 20020 - From Ashes and Dust- 2004 - World Under World). First three CDs were released by English label Unknown Territory and these CDs are lost. This label doesn’t exist anymore. Their distribution and promotion was very poor. But we were young and happy for their releases. Last two CDs were released by Slovakian label Metal Age Production and I must say, they make their work very good in aspects of promotion and distribution.
-          So, and what about the metal scene in Slovakia? It was very hard to play metal music in the years of communism era. There were some metal bands, but it was very hard to organize some gigs. There were many fans in Slovakia (Czechoslovakia) and they were hungry for music. The fall of comunnism in 1989 changed everything in our lives. I was young of course, but I know what I’m talking about. In 90’s there was a big rise of metal underground scene in Slovakia and Czech republic. There were many of death metal and brutal grind bands like Phantasma, Sanatorium, Protest, Acheron, Clandestine... In the second half of 90’s the more melodic metal bands like Dysanchely, Morgain, Galadriel or Ethereal Pandemonium... has started there stories. And now we can talk about the full coloured metal scene in Slovakia. There are all metal styles inclueded from heavy through gothic and doom to black and death. We have problems with printed magazines. There is no Slovak magazine, only Czech ones. But there are some webzines and I think they’re on a good level.
Would you tell us something about your career as a musicians? Who are your personal idols and influences?
- It’s hard to say. In the begining it was Amorphis, Anathema or Blind Guardian...Paradise Lost. But there are many bands I like. I have no idol. But last years I like the person of Sakis from Rotting Christ.
We are allways interested to know if you were influenced by any German Metal bands? What do you think of the current German metal scene?
I started to listen the metal music in the end of 80s. And I must say I liked many German bands like Destruction, Kreator, Helloween, Rage and then Chroming Rose, Blind Guardian, Atrocity or Gamma Ray. There were many of great bands. I think now your scene is full of various gothic bands and I must say didn’t heard a good new band from Germany.
There were many Line-Up changes in your band before the recording of the new CD. Give people a short view on whos new and who left the band. What are the benefits for the band and your music through the line-up changes in your opinion?
- Yes, these personal changes were really biggest through all those years of our existence. In february 2003 left the band female vocalist Sona Witch Kozakova, keyboardplayer J.S.K. and drummer Dr. Victor. Only both guitarist Tomax Gabris and Matus Hanus and me remain in the band. We played for a long months the gigs with guest musicians and recorded a new album. Our new line-up is already fixed now: Dodo Datel - vocals, programming- Tomax Gabris - lead guitars, programming- Matus Hanus - guitars, vocals- Andrej Kutis - keyboards- Ian Porkert - bass- Pyros - drums.
Paradise lost? Interesting that you mention this Band. My favorites on "World Under World" are songs like "Imaginery Sins", "The Fall" und "The Grave Is The Last" and they fell much like Songs from Paradise Lost’s Icon to me. On the other hand there are Songs like "Insanity + Suffering" that sound very heavy and raw or songs like "Sex In The Underworld" that confused many traditional heavy metal fans? Is it a main Goal of your records to sound very different with each song, or it is something that just happens when you are writing new ones?
- Icon of Paradise Lost I really like. Its the one of albums which influenced roots of our music (together with "Tales From The Thousand Lakes" of Amorphis for example). And what about the differences on our new album? We know that this album is full of different songs, but there are many common elements in all of them. Everything was built on melodies and atmosphere. I think there are very few metal fans in these times which listen only heavy metal or only death metal and so. I don’’ see the problem in combination of all these metal styles. And electronic parts? We try to use somthing new in our music to create a modern album. I know "Sex In The Undeworld" is an extreme example... We will see where will be metal music in few years later... I think many bands will use grooves and loops in their music.
Band that feature female vocals on their records are very good in business in these days. Nightwish hits the number one in the german albumcharts. Is this something that helps Galadriel to get an bigger audience world wide? Do think the fans out there are now a little more interested in your kind of music?
- I think this boom of female vocals in metal music was very strong at the end of 90’s. I don’t know if this part of our music helps us to be more known band in the world. Now we haven’t a female vocalist and we don’t know if we will use female voice in the future... Its very nice to use this voice in the music. It offers many possibilities for beauty and freezing atmospheres. We will see...
What is your opinion about all the Internet Webzines? Do you think the Webzines gives small bands a new way to show themselfs to a bigger audience? And of course is it a good way to get in touch with people out site of Slovakia?
- Yes, the webzines all around the world are very important for all metal scene and of course for the small bands. As you said its an easiest way to introduce the band to many fans. I think its more important then small magazines in this years. And I think small magazines are dying, because its more cheaper to realize the webzine. And webzine is still actual. That’s all what fans wants to read - actual information.
Tell us about the future plans for your Band? Do you still have ideas and energy for new record in the  future? Are there any plans to play live here in Germany?
- Our new CD is out for a few months and we want all this year to promote it with our live shows. In Germany we have confirmed the date (9. september) for Bamberg and I hope there will be more dates in autumnal days of this year for Germany. Next year we will celebrate the 10 years of our existence and we want to release a new album. And my personal plan for near future of Galadriel is the end of changing the persons in our band.
THX for this interesting interview! Now it’s up to you to spread your last words!
 I hope you will find the way to our new CD "World Under World" and like it. Have a nice time and thank you all for your support. Bye


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