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PHM Newz: Dismember - Necrophobic Tour gecancelt....

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Veröffentlicht am Donnerstag 30 August 2007 20:32:25 von madrebel
phpnuke.gifDie gemeinsame Tour von NECROPHOBIC und DISMEMBER ist vom zuständigen Promoter abgeblasen worden. Anbei das Statement von NECROPHOBIC:

"We are really sorry to announce that the whole European tour with DISMEMBER has been cancelled by the promoter.

When the bad news came to us (only seven days before the first date) we were as shocked as you probably are right now. Both DISMEMBER and us have tried to come up with different solutions to make this tour happen anyway, but the promoter has not been cooperative at all. We've been preparing and looking forward to this for months and we even have t-shirts waiting for us in Vienna by now. He didn't give us any sign whatsoever about his plans, and he never gave us a full good reason either.

This whole mess will not break us though. We promise to make this up to you as soon as possible. To come and raise some hell together with you, in your city, in very near future.

The metal family never dies!"

[Quelle: Blabbermouth]

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