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PHM Newz: DEFLESHED haben sich aufgelöst

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Veröffentlicht am Freitag 18 November 2005 21:57:25 von madrebel
phpnuke.gif DEFLESHED haben sich aufgelöst. Das offizielle Statement der Band dazu:

"Fellow comrades, with a schizophrenic mixture of grief and relief we hereby announce our departure from all Defleshed-activities. Activities that has become more of obligations with the years, which has driven us individually to become more ambitions or less. We are in no way splitting up as unfriends, if anything reversed, and we ll thank you all for your the support through the years in the only way we know how to: a farewell to the flesh gig at Fellini, Uppsala, Sweden the 25th of December (see This night we´ll do anything in our power to BLAST YOUR FUCKING FLESH OFF !!! However, since we ve never been to the States (which is an old dream of ours), we ll still try to nail that Dismember tour in April, but this is up to our US label & co.
Hope you understand our wish not to become tired, blood-drain has-beens but to end this while we re still potent.
We will still go on with metal in diverse bands and future projects of course, of which I m sure you will hear of in a near future, but as for Defleshed we ve simply feel the last chapter has been written. After all, you dont stop playing cause your getting old - you get old cause you stop playing. Be well and thanks for your attention in our band/

Gus & Defleshed, Uppsala, November 11th 2005"

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